Cheese can positively impact Nigeria’s Food & Nutrition Security – #EU

The European Commission and the French Dairy Interbranch Organization (CNIEL) at the launch of its AfroGourmand Dairy products last week underscored the key role of the cheese value chain in Nigeria’s food and nutrition security agenda.

According to Chef Christian Abegan and Pierre Gay notably known as the best cheesemonger in France, the products, specifically milk, cheese, butter and cream which had previously been launched in Dakar, Abidjan and Doula vary in accordance with regional specificities and innovation dynamics.

The launch which was followed by a workshop held at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lagos was targeted at intimating stakeholders in the Nigerian food ecosystem with the varying usage of the AfroGourmand dairy products, particularly for African cuisines.

The Chefs who underscored the importance of the products for calcium, quality proteins, minerals, and vitamins also showcased blending mixtures with local cuisines such as ofada rice and beef.

According to Yulius Oscar, an executive Chef at TheGeorge, Ikoyi, the products are relatively inexpensive and make for perfect culinary blends.


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