Research Funding Panacea For Insufficient Fish Food Production —Don

ADEQUATE funding by government at all levels of Nigerian universities for research purposes has been described as panacea for insufficient fish food production in Nigeria.

This was the submission of Professor Emmanuel Kolawole Ajani, professor of Coastal and Inland Management Wetlands Fisheries Management, Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, University of Ibadan, while delivering his inaugural lecture titled: ”Engaging the fish:Elixir for Nigeria’s Self-Sufficiency In Fish Production”

Ajani, posited that there is the need for government at levels to significantly improve on and redirect the focus of funding support to Nigerian universities towards enhancing their capacities to carry out the innovative research to promote the growth of industries such as fishery and the local economy.

He stated that the funding support should be targeted at strengthening the expected connections between research and expertise developed in universities, and orientated with the needs of local businesses.

“This will also give businesses greater access to the university’s expertise. It will equally help universities to effectively discern what businesses are looking for from graduates, which will inform research specialisations.

“As a critical step in putting into reality Nigeria’s desire to be self-sufficient in fish production and making fisheries and aquaculture a major contributor to the nation’s GDP, it is necessary to draw a national fisheries development plan.”

“This plan should be holistic and all-embracing, with tasks for each of the stakeholders supported with in-depth performance indicators. The development plan should not only stimulate actions, but must also aim directly at achieving the set targets.”


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