• May 12, 2021

Food and Nutrition: Exploring the vital nutrients for healthy living

Various fresh dairy products on wooden background

As the world celebrates the essentiality of food and promotes the course of eradicating hunger across the globe, it goes without saying that proper nutrition is very crucial for health and wellbeing in every life’s stage. Food provides all nutrients needed by the body for proper functioning and these include proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and so on.

Intrinsically, each group of foods has unique nutritive properties, which is why it must be varied and sufficient to meet our daily nutritional needs. As such, the group of dairy products (milk, cheese, fermented milk) constitutes an important source of calcium, necessary for the growth of the bones and teeth.

During growth, calcium is imperative for the development of the skeleton. At adulthood, the same is necessary for maintenance, as the skeleton is a living tissue that is constantly growing and at old age. Inevitable bone loss can be slowed down by adequately consuming calcium, among other things.

Dairy products are also rich in high-quality proteins, lipids which are sources of energy, minerals which include phosphorus, iodine, and zinc as well as vitamins. Practically, it is advisable to consume dairy products daily, especially at certain stages of life when calcium needs are high especially during growth, adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding and old age.

Some dairy products, for instance, Butter and Cream; both of which are derived from milk, do not have the same nutritional composition as other dairy products. These two are fats which provide indispensable Vitamins A and D. Vitamin D combined with calcium, is important for vision, immunity, and growth. Fats should be consumed moderately, as they are very necessary for the pleasure of eating, as they complement recipes.



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