WHO marks antibiotics raised cattle as threat to global health

Concerned by the possible buildup of bacterial varieties that have resistance to current medicines, the World Health Organization says beef from cattle raised with antibiotics is one of the biggest threats to global health.

A report released by some advocacy groups, which focuses on antibiotic usage in both poultry and beef food items has graded some fast food chains on where they stand on the use of antibiotics.

According to the report, many of consumer’s favorites have received an “F” for their excesses in the use of beef raised with antibiotics.

Antibiotics are routinely drugs given to animals to keep them healthy while they fatten up for slaughter and nearly two-thirds of the medically important antibiotics sold in the US go to food animals sector.

When antibiotics are abused, some bacteria learn to survive, multiply, and share their resistance genes with other bacteria even if those have not been exposed.

The same “superbugs” enter our system when we consume undercooked meat for animals exposed to irrigation water contaminated with animal waste.

Overtime, the normal cure for bacterial infection become impotent as a result of buildup of resistant varieties which poses serious health threat.

The group which said lack of appropriate laws to regulate the usage of antibiotics in the food chain further contribute to the problem urged restaurants to use their purchasing power to force change.


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