Soil erosion, a huge threat to food security – SSSN

The National President of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria (SSSN), Professor Bashir Raji has stated that soil erosion is a big threat to food security, poverty eradication and environmental health in the country.

According to him, soil erosion and desertification are known to be the causes of land degradation in the country, while also adding that every community in Nigeria suffers from different forms of soil erosion.

In his words, “Soil erosion, though a natural phenomenon, is accelerated through anthropogenic causes like overstocking or overgrazing, removal of vegetation cover due to farming activities or deforestation due to logging and construction activities”.

He stressed that soil erosion affects food security due to the general decrease in soil fertility which is caused by the action of sheet and/or wind erosion, and diminution of cultivable land as a result of the occurrence and expansion of gullies.

In a bid to curb soil erosion and food insecurity, the SSSN Head proffered solutions and urged the Federal Government to stick to their action plans under the Land Degradation Neutrality Target Setting Programme.

He said, “The government should also consider establishing a Soil Remediation Fund to which at least 30 percent of the Ecological Funds should be allocated,”

“Existing regulatory policies like the National Erosion and Flood Control Policy, Nigeria’s Agricultural Promotion Policy 2016-2020, Great Green Wall and National Economic Recovery Growth Plan 2017-2020 should be leveraged upon to accelerate restoration of degraded lands and prevent future occurrence,” he emphasized


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