Don’t use additive to hatch eggs, poultry farmers warned

A poultry farmer, Mrs Theresa Muyi, has warned poultry farmers against using additives to hatch eggs, in a bid to make quick cash. Muyi gave the warning in an interview with a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Tuesday. She said it was unsafe and morally wrong for farmers to hatch their eggs with unhealthy substances in a bid to make quick cash.

“Poultry farmers who use chemical additive to cultivate their livestock are engaging in a deadly and unsafe practice,’’ she said. She said some poultry farmers in order to make quick money may use unsafe methods like chemicals to cultivate their birds. “With these additives, baby chicks grow to life-size chickens within six weeks of being in the poultry farm. “Additives make them to garner fat that makes them look so big in a short period of time. “These chemically-induced birds grow quickly with a lot of fat and less matured flesh that is not healthy for human consumption. “As a poultry farmer, I think people should desist from these chemical additives while grooming their poultry livestock. It is a simple case of what you cannot eat, do not sell to others.’’ “Some of these local poultry farmers engage in this practice for extra and easy gains, not minding the health consequences on consumers,” she alleged.


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