2020 Wet Season: Use Tarpaulin, Hot Coal Pots to Protect Your Birds, Expert Tasks Farmers

Poultry expert, Joel Oduware, has advised poultry farmers to cover their birds properly in order to prevent illnesses and diseases as the rainy season begins.

Oduware in a chat with the journalists on Monday in Lagos reiterated the need for farmers to take precautionary measures to shield their flock from adverse weather conditions.

He explained that protection was important to prevent potential loss of investments.

Oduware said, “Farmers need to take the measures to protect our birds this rainy season, and from adverse weather conditions through the use of tarpaulin to wrap the nettings on the wall and on the fence.

“They should also heat up the poultry house with hot coal pots or through a kerosene stove.

“As much as the birds are sensitive to heat, they are also sensitive to adverse conditions and weather patterns. An expert farmer needs to balance the temperature for the birds at all times.”

“Poultry farmers need to spend more time around their farms to observe their birds during the rainy season because one cold bird can infect the entire flock,” Oduware explained.



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