Foodstuff Price Hike, Kano’s Rimin Gado Way

When Kano State found itself in the jaws of stinging food commodity price hike during the COVID-19 lockdown, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje directed the no nonsense chairman of the state anti-graft commission to swing into action.

The price of food commodities then had soared by 100%.

The governor’s concern was that if the situation was left unrestrained it would turn into a permanent scenario.

Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado went into action immediately.

There was he oscillating from one market, supermarket, warehouses to another.

The commission had received a series of complaints on unnecessary hike in commodity prices by retailers.

He met with market leaders and associations, dealers, supermarket owners and the Rice Processors Association (RIPAN).

An investigation was instantly launched by the agency.

Hours later there were warehouses where essential commodities were being hoarded and some items were confiscated.

In no time the marketers were dismounting their bully horse.

Sugar that was sold at N26,000 before the commission’s intervention reverted to its former price of N16,000 per bag and even the made-in-Nigeria rice that jumped to N26,000 was reduced to N16,000.

I have learnt that farmers and the masses are blaming the federal government and the government on its part is blaming other forces for the hike.

Enough of passing the buck! Let the federal government take responsibility and its cue from the government of Kano State and mould its own Muhuyi Magaji to save Nigerians. And the time is now.


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