How to Revive Agric Research Institutes in Nigeria

Vice President of the Nigeria Agribusiness Group (NABG), Emmanuel Ijewere, has suggested a line of actions the Federal Government can take to make agricultural research institutions in the country more productive.

Ijewere noted that there was the need to re-orientate the institutes in the country away from their “civil service mentality”.

The vice president, who made this call during an interview with the Vanguard Newspaper, further pointed out that a nationwide reorientation would help to boost agribusinesses in the country.

The NABG leader observed that research institutions in the country have failed to work with key players as they still operate with a civil service mentality.

He added that the government’s major role is to fund the institutions while they work hand-in-hand with private investors to apply their research findings and discoveries.

“On research, what has happened is that research in the past has been based on the civil service mentality.

“They call money to do research and they pile it up; go to international conferences and write reports and pile it up.

“They are not working with the players, the players are the private sector,” he said.

Ijewere explained, “A number of big companies are supposed to enter contracts with them and say ‘Help me research on how I am going to improve on this item’ and they can pay and subsidise that research. They should be working with the private sector.”

Ijewere also noted that most of the research institutes failed to make their findings known to the general public.

“Nigeria needs to bring the research institutions together to work together under one umbrella in various departments, and they should tell us whatever they have discover, [it should] be made public, not to be kept in the cupboard of the research institutions because they don’t research for themselves but research for Nigeria, private sector and those in the agricultural space. That is what needs to be done,” he added.


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