PCGN to hold virtual conference to mark 2021 World Pangolin Day

The Pangolin Conservation Guild of Nigeria (PCGN) will be holding its first virtual conference to mark the 2021 World Pangolin Day programme.

The conference which is scheduled to hold on February 20, 2021, at 12 pm WAT with the theme ‘Towards Sustainable Pangolin Conservation in Nigeria’ will have in attendance professionals working in conservation, researchers, scientists, and conservationists among others.

According to PCGN, the conference is an opportunity for pangolin enthusiasts, experts, and conservationists to come together in raising awareness about the mammal and their plight.

Speakers include; Professor Olajumoke Morenikeji, chair of PCGN; Cristian Gruppi from the Centre of Tropical Research Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, University of California, Los Angeles; Elisa Panjang, Danau Girang Field Centre, Malaysia and Akeredolu Excellence, director of programmes, PCGN among others.

Interested participants should visit the Pangolin Conservation Guild of Nigeria website or social media handle to register or kindly use the zoom ID: 84690798940, with password as Pangolin to attend the programme.

The pangolin, which curls up into a ball when frightened, is the world’s most trafficked wild mammal and Nigeria has been identified as the hub from African pangolin smuggling to Asian markets.

The mammal is in high demand because it is believed to treat many ailments and diseases while serving as a delicacy in Africa and Asia.

The insatiable appetite for pangolin meat and parts has led scientists to believe that pangolin is being poached every five minutes, an entirely unsustainable speed, resulting in pangolin species being listed as vulnerable, endangered, or critically-endangered on the IUCN Red List.Globally, there are eight species of pangolins; four in Asia, and another four in Africa. The giant pangolin – manis gigantean; tree pangolin – manis tricuspis, and long-tailed pangolin – manis tetradactyla species are found in Nigeria.


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