‘Why Ranching Remains Only Antidote To Farmers-Herders Crisis’

ADOPTION of ranching for cattle rearing has been said to be the only solution to the lingering farmers and herders crisis in Nigeria.

An expert in animal production and Managing Director of Real People Concept, Mr Tunmise Olagbaju, who stated this while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune recently noted that setting up of ranches across the country could bring lasting solution to the constant face-off between farmers and herders.

Olagbaju stated that:”It is very important to set up ranches. For example, we are on twenty acres here on our farm, our animals are settled, there is no fear from our neighbours that our animals would go and feed on their farm produce.

“We just see to set a standard that we can raise our animals and have a peaceful coexistence with our neighbours. For example, the dungs from our cattle are given to our neighbours that are growing crops and we also get cassava leaves and peels and all that.

“It is actually a synergy that helps our productivity but we need to set up that model. Let us develop ranches, there can be Puplic Private Partnership arrangement on its setting up and after that, people can now see that we can run our cattle production without creating problem, we can run it without being at risk of attack.”

He further noted that:”It is not a good business for anyone to raise the animal well during the raining season and during the dry season you treck miles to feed them. It does not make any economic sense. But when we run it on the ranch, we produce our pasture and we can prepare during the time of surplus for the dry season.”


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