Farmers Urged To Embrace Organic Agriculture

NIGERIAN farmers have been urged to consider the practice of organic agriculture because of the numerous benefits that are abound in it.

Making the plea was the National Coordinator, Knowledge Centre for Oragnic Agriculture (KCOA), Dr Jude Obi, while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune in Ibadan recently.

Obi noted that:”If we want to live healthy, if we want to have good life, if wnat to enjoy good taste in our food, if we want to have food products that does not deteriorate fast after harvest then we must go organic.

“If we must go organic, we must convince the farmers to go organic. And the challenges the farmers have in organic are many but the association and larger bodies are dealing with those issues and to make organic production easy.

“So we are telling farmers is come, embarce organic agriculture. Organic agriculture ensures safety of the farmers. When a farmers uses synthetic material the first victim is the farmer. First instance, when a farmer is spraying herbicide or insecticide the first victim is the farmer, the consumer is secondary.

“So, when farmers embrace organic agriculture, their production process gives them the first round of safety, then the consumer gets the second round of safety. Farmers should embrace organic agriculture so that they can enjoy bumper harvest, good health and most protect our environment and give our consumers the organic food they need.”


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