KCOA Inaugurates Steering Committee in Nigeria

The Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture (KCOA), has instituted a steering committee saddled with the responsibility of monitoring its activities in Nigeria.

KCOA is a platform concerned with the harnessing, validation, processing, dissemination and sharing of indigenous, traditional and scientific knowledge with its stakeholders.

The activities of the organisation are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and coordinated by GIZ. KCOA has a hub in West Africa located in Dakar, Senegal and in other parts of Africa.

National Coordinator of KCOA, Jude Obi, while briefing stakeholders at an event held in Ibadan stated that for the purpose of coordinating KCOA activities in different countries, the need for a national steering committee was important as it serves as a watchdog for the sponsors of the project in Nigeria.

The National Steering Committee is the body in charge of every activity of KCOA. It takes appropriate decisions and carries out selection of consultants. It also screens people who apply to participate in any activities.

A major activity of the steering committee would be the nomination of three out of those that applied and selection of the best. It will equally be responsible for the project monitoring committee in ensuring prompt delivery of projects.


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